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Our Team


Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd. has brought together a talented and experienced team of scientific and engineering professionals to help guide the development and implementation of the Canadian Nuclear Battery™ into the broader community.







Peter Lang founded Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd. to facilitate the development of a very small nuclear energy plant in order to bring the many benefits of nuclear energy to markets that have traditionally been thought of as too small or too remote to be served by nuclear energy.


With over 40 years of experience as a professional commercial and military pilot, Peter has served as a High Arctic frontier pilot, combat ready fighter pilot, and airline captain for a major international airline. It was through his experience of logistical support and fuel supply in the high arctic that he experienced first-hand the tremendous technical, logistical and financial effort necessary to provide power and heat to the remote communities, mines and military bases of the north.


A member of the Canadian Nuclear Society for over 12 years Peter has served on the CNS Council and as co-chair of the Education and Communications Committee.


With current remote site energy technologies becoming increasingly unsustainable, unaffordable and environmentally undesirable Peter believes that nuclear technology can offer an energy solution that will allow the citizens and industries of the north to attain their personal and economic goals. 


Peter Lang







Michael Leaker is a professional engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the nuclear field.  At Dunedin, he serves as the principle engineer on the Canadian Nuclear Battery™ project.


At AECL, Michael was involved in the design, manufacturing, construction, and commissioning of CANDU 6 plants. He also worked on the CANDU 9, next generation of Enhanced CANDU 6 plants, and the Advanced CANDU Reactor (ACR).


At SNC Lavalin he has worked on the design of a PWR style of SMR and various service contracts involving replacement of obsolete components and systems (Commercial Grade Dedication).


Michael Leaker

Principal Engineer






Dr. Adriaan Buijs  Ph.D. earned a Masters degree in experimental physics and a Ph.D. in particle physics from the State University in Utrecht. 


From 2001 to 2008 Adriaan served with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. as senior scientist in safety and licensing in the Reactor Core Physics division, then later, as section head for neutronic overpower protection in CANDU reactors. 


In 2006 he became manager of the Physics Design group for the ACR-1000.  In January 2009 Adriaan was appointed as professor in the Engineering Physics Department of McMaster University in Hamilton.


Dr. Adriaan Buijs

Principal Scientist




Advisory Board


With over 200 years combined experience our team brings world leading expertise to the fields of reactor physics, thermalhydraulics, non-proliferation and safeguards, control systems and instrumentation, engineering project management and much more. Please take a moment to meet the Dunedin Energy Systems Advisory Board.


Ian Collins



Ian Collins earned a diploma in Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University and a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical from McMaster University. 


Ian brings a solid background of entrepreneurship and business leadership experience to Dunedin Energy, having held senior positions with both start-up and established firms including Hamilton Hydro Services Inc., Toronto Hydro Telecom, Cogeco Data Services, and Atria Networks. 


Most recently, as President and COO of Atria Networks, Ian provided exceptional leadership and technical strategy to the telecommunications provider.  Ian continues to participate on various Advisory Boards of technology–based companies and is Chief Operating Officer of CEO Global Network



Don Dean



Don Dean is a PROLOG Principal with extensive experience in logistics planning, bulk liquid terminal design, construction management and trucking operations.


He is a professional engineer with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. Dean previously held positions in engineering; petroleum product facilities construction; and distribution terminal management with Shell Canada.


He managed Trimac Transportation’s eastern Canadian trucking operations, and founded Trimac Consulting Services, a company that carried out planning of international transportation projects in developing countries for clients such as the Canadian International Development Agency and the World Bank.


Hilborn 30.jpg

Dr. John Hilborn

  • PhD - Nuclear Physics

     McGill, 1954




Dr. Hilborn began his career in the nuclear industry in 1949, at the Eldorado uranium mine in the Northwest Territories.  Joining AECL at Chalk River in 1954, he participated in reactor startups of NRU, NPD, WR-1, and the SGHW prototype at Harwell in England.  In 1964 he demonstrated the feasibility of the self-powered neutron detector for reactor in-core monitoring.  It was patented in 1967. 


Dr. Hilborn’s most significant contribution to reactor research was the SLOWPOKE reactor concept which resulted in the SLOWPOKE Research Reactor, the SLOWPOKE Demonstration Reactor (SDR), and the SLOWPOKE Energy System (SES-10).


Dr. Hilborn has received many honours and awards, including Eadie Medal (Royal Society of Canada); the W.B. Lewis Medal (Canadian Nuclear Association); the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal; the W.E. Havercroft Medal (Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Examination); and, in 2018, was invested as a Member of The Order of Canada.


Dr. Hilborn retired in 1991, but continued his research work at Chalk River for several years, in the capacity of Researcher Emeritus.  He is currently developing a new model for manufacturing and distributing medical isotopes throughout North America, using 10 or more Homogeneous SLOWPOKE Reactors to produce both Mo-99 and Tc-99m.

Dr. Jerry Cuttler

  • BASc & Eng. - Engineering Physics (Nuclear)     University of Toronto,  1964




  • MSc. - Nuclear Engineering

      Israel institute of Technology,  1968 

  • DSc. - Nuclear Sciences   

      Israel institute of Technology,  1971


Dr. Jerry Cuttler is a professional nuclear engineer with more than 50 years of experience in nuclear science, engineering and licensing. Dr. Cuttler has led organizations in the design and procurement of instrumentation for reactor control systems, safety systems and radiation monitoring. Dr. Cuttler has managed a number of large projects for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited including:


  • Engineering Manager, Bruce B NGS (four 900 MWe reactors)

  • Engineering Integration, CANDU 9 Program

  • Engineering Manager, SES-10 Project 10 MWt reactor and

  • Resident Engineering Manager, Cernavoda CANDU 6 NPP in Romania.


Dr. Cuttler received his B.A.Sc & Eng. In Engineering Physics (Nuclear) from the University of Toronto (1964) and later earned his M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering & D.Sc. in Nuclear Sciences from Israel Institute of Technology, Technion (1964 & 1971)


Dr. Cuttler is a member of a number of professional societies including


  • Professional Engineers of Ontario

  • Canadian Nuclear Society (President – 1995/6)

  • American Nuclear Society

  • American Physical Society

  • Canadian Radiation Protection Association

  • Health Physics Society

  • International Nuclear Energy Academy


As President of Cuttler and Associates, Dr. Cuttler has more recently


  • Prepared condition assessment reports for Bruce B nuclear instrumentation,

  • Provided nuclear safety and licensing services for Bruce Power Units 1&2 restart

  • Provided design and licensing services to AECL, medical radioisotope reactors

  • Reviewed Darlington against codes and standards, Integrated Safety Review for life extension


Dr. Cuttler continues to provide a variety of services in nuclear engineering and safety to major companies worldwide.




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